American Diabetes Association

‘Numbers’ Cause Marketing PSA

At AMS Pictures Public Interest, we understand the difficulties of competing for attention in today’s marketplace of ideas. That’s why all of our work is designed to not only meet our clients’ goals, but also to cut through the noise, grab attention and, in the end, change our audience’s attitudes and behavior. So when the American Diabetes Association of North Texas approached us to collaborate with them on a series of public service announcements, we jumped at the opportunity to get involved with a worthy cause right here in our central Texas community.

When you’re one of thousands of nonprofits trying to raise awareness for your cause, it makes sense to think outside the box. But sometimes, creative ideas can spring from just one simple, familiar, iconic image. When developing these spots we drew a direct connection between some of the staggering statistics about diabetes and one of the most recognizable (and talked about) buildings in Texas – Cowboys Stadium.

While diabetes is a national health epidemic, it has a profound impact on our state, affecting one out of ten Texans. To put these astounding statistics into perspective, we used the empty seats in the NFL’s third-largest stadium to illustrate the shocking number of Texans who succumb to diabetes every year. Produced in both English and Spanish, the core message conveyed is undeniably clear. For those Texans who feel their risk isn’t urgent or relevant, this ad awakens them to the possibility that they or someone close to them could easily fill one of those empty seats.

For AMS, this spot demonstrates the power of digital storytelling for social good. Crafting the right story, message, and visual approach is one of, if not the most, powerful ways for nonprofits to raise awareness for their efforts and generate more visibility for their organization.