American Heart Association

The Hands of Time

Every year, countless lives have been saved through the efforts of certified bystanders leaping into action to save a life by using CPR.  Working with the American Heart Association, AMS Pictures has crafted a documentary commemorating the last 50 years of CPR and the events that led to its inception.  While this piece is partly historical, its heart lies in spreading awareness about the importance of learning CPR today.

To engage our audience, the creative team at AMS Pictures worked for months to create a unique historical and current perspective on CPR.  Like any AMS Pictures production it started with careful preparation and in this case, some experimentation.

In addition to creating a compelling dialog, Producer Tim Wylie, Director of Photography Jason Davenport and Art Director Coby King combined their talents to create a set of stories that are visually dynamic.  As the video above demonstrates, the main thread of storytelling comes from a set of very personal interviews where the viewer is completely focused on the subject.  For this execution, our creative team decided use a shallow depth of field, along with various projection elements, to capture this personal atmosphere.

The result of this effort is a priceless documentary piece that gives a great historical perspective while motivating viewers to get certified.  To see this entire production, click here.