AVID for Higher Education

For more than 30 years, AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) has been at the forefront of helping teachers help students prepare to succeed in college. Until recently, AVID focused on college readiness strategies and methodologies for secondary and elementary students, with a special focus on underserved populations. Over the past few years, at the request of colleges and universities, AVID has created a postsecondary initiative—AVID for Higher Education—whose goal is to help colleges and universities increase student learning, persistence, completion and success beyond college.

AVID looked to AMS Pictures to develop a brand strategy and outreach tools to help colleges and universities understand the many ways that AVID for Higher Education can transform campus culture and more successfully meet students’ needs.  The AMS project team immersed itself in AVID’s philosophy, history and culture, and met with AVID thought leaders to gain a complete understanding of the mission, values and vision of AVID for Higher Education.

We followed up with focus group research and in-depth interviews with representatives from colleges and universities—some that have worked with AVID, others that have not.

Our research provided valuable insights that guided the development of a comprehensive outreach plan, core messages, a branding guide and targeted outreach tools to help AVID for Higher Education explain the benefits of its comprehensive array of service offerings.

Among the core outreach tools we developed is a video that explains the AVID for Higher Education student success system—how it works and how it makes a difference to students, faculty and the entire campus community. The video spotlights administrators and faculty at two campuses that were just completing their first year with AVID for Higher Education. Their enthusiasm for the AVID program speaks volumes about the immediate impact that AVID’s holistic approach to student success can have on college campuses.

With the flagship video in place, the AMS project team created a comprehensive brand summary and guide, a phased outreach plan, messaging strategies and a product development plan. All the branding and messaging work carries a positive, clear, unified message about AVID’s highly effective student success system that is making a huge difference at participating colleges and universities nationwide.