City of Killeen

Historic Video Series

Killeen, Texas, presented the AMS Public Interest team with an exciting opportunity—create a series of videos that showcases how the town’s rich history reveals the essence and character of today’s vibrant, thriving city. It was a project tailor-made for the talented communication strategists and master storytellers at AMS.

Working in close collaboration with the Killeen project team, AMS eagerly dove into an intensive period of research that included not only a vast library of historical documents, but also one-on-one interviews with community leaders, historians and longtime residents (including descendants of families who lived in the area before there even was a City of Killeen).

The end result was four compelling three-minute videos, each a core historical story essential to understanding the transformation of isolated Central Texas farm communities into today’s Killeen, one of America’s most entrepreneurial, diverse and rapidly-growing cities.