COSDA 2010

Six-video Series

This past November, AMS Pictures – Public Interest Division was invited to participate in the 2010 COSDA (Communication Officers of State Departments of Agriculture) conference hosted by the Texas Department of Agriculture. Not only was the Public Interest team lucky enough to share in fabulous festivities that included touring the Texas wine country, hearing from communication thought leaders like Karen Hughes and Peter Shankman and exploring various other Texas agro-tourism locations, but we were also given the opportunity to capture the entire four-day event on camera and craft a series of professional development videos designed to prolong and extend the valuable learning that occurred during the conference.

The resulting six-video series highlights the most important conference takeaways for COSDA members and their constituents. As the 2010 host, the Texas Department of Agriculture utilized a combination of traditional and new media channels to distribute the videos–allowing everyone to ‘share,’ ‘like,’ ‘tweet’ and ‘post’ the series and share their very own Texas adventure. So, next time you’re at a conference and you hit the inevitable information overload wall (business cards, contact info, Twitter handles, hash tags, notes on speakers, notes on content, swag and on and on), use those handy feedback cards and recommend that they develop something similar to the COSDA 2010 video series.