David Horwitz

Senior Writer

David Horwitz is an innovative communication strategist and master storyteller with a special talent for creating media that supports public interest initiatives. David’s background includes management-level communication positions with the National Institute of Mental Health, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Texas Crime Prevention Institute. He later founded Public Address, Inc., an Austin creative agency specializing in public interest, advocacy and political media. David joined AMS in 2000, where he continues to pursue his passion for creating media that matters.


Over the years, David has worked on numerous public interest campaigns on topics such as education, public safety, drug and alcohol abuse, maternal and neonatal health, mental health, disability issues, nutrition and teen pregnancy. From communication strategies to message design and branding, David focuses on the development of content that inspires audiences to shift the way they think, feel and behave, and ensures on-target messaging that gets the results our clients seek. David’s work has been recognized at numerous media awards, including the New York International Film and TV Festival, National Addys and Communicator Awards.