Department of State Health Services

Smart Choices, Healthy Families

AMS created a series of six video productions, each in English and Spanish, that help women who participate in the WIC program (Women, Infants and Children) make smart choices to ensure proper family nutrition. The videos are especially beneficial to pregnant women and moms of infants and young children. These videos, which were created in the style of a hosted daytime women’s lifestyle program, include conversational interviews with experts on topics such as menu planning, infant nutrition, and the benefits of breastfeeding. It also includes location segments in grocery stores, family rooms and home kitchens. Packaged on a single DVD production, the videos are provided to every woman in the state who participates in the WIC program. Topics include: shopping for WIC-approved foods, buying healthy foods on a budget, cooking tasty recipes with WIC foods, introducing solid foods to infants, and getting kids to eat healthy foods.