Greater Killeen Chamber Of Commerce

Education, Diversity and Talent

AMS Pictures – Public Interest Division recently partnered with the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce to create economic development videos for the city of Killeen. A town largely defined by its military base, Fort Hood, Killeen is a hidden gem that is on the cusp of an economic explosion. The city boasts a low cost of living, community diversity, a strong talent pool and high-quality educational opportunities–and our goal at AMS Pictures was to show off all these qualities. We helped the city shine by creating three different topical videos EducationDiversity and Talent aimed at driving large business investors to Killeen, encouraging new families to call the city home and showcasing the high quality environment found within the Killeen community.

Take a moment and check out the two additional videos created for the GKCC:

Where ‘Education’ Grows

Where ‘Talent’ Grows