National Instruments

Stem Education & “Aha!” Moments

National Instruments and Lego Education have partnered to create LabVIEW, a product allowing students to engage with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through the design, construction, programming and competition of handmade robots.  AMS Pictures was invited to join the partnership by creating short videos, highlighting their innovative project based learning approach to engaging students in STEM activities.

AMS Pictures Public Interest produced two (2) videos showcasing how robotics and the LabVIEW technology act as a catalyst for spurring 21st Century learning environments and skills that benefit both educators and students. National Instruments and Lego Education are leading a movement in providing affordable and accessible tools to Texas educators resulting in our Texas students better understanding the real-world connection between STEM focused classes and their eventual potential career path – otherwise know as the “Ah-ha moment.” Ultimately, this not only benefits the students directly involved, but it benefits our state and its economy by helping build a stronger workforce that is prepared for the jobs of tomorrow today.