National Mounted Warfare Museum

‘Step into the Story’ Non-Profit Branding

The National Mounted Warfare Foundation (NMWF) selected AMS Pictures to help bring a grand vision to life. The vision: a unique, 21st Century museum to be built in Killeen, Texas.

The National Museum of Mounted Warfare and Soldier Center will honor mounted warfare soldiers who train at Fort Hood and serve their country wherever duty calls throughout the globe. Although the museum is still in the early planning stages, the foundation wanted to reach out to residents of Central Texas and other potential supporters nationwide to help them understand and embrace the vision for the museum. Here’s how the NMWF leadership team defined its mission for AMS Pictures—communicate the vision for the museum, explain what it stands for, what it will mean to the community, the state and the nation; make it clear that the museum will provide a unique, truly engaging experience for both military and civilian visitors.

To bring the vision for the museum to life, AMS Pictures recommended a branding strategy based on storytelling. Great stories inspire empathy, draw people together, and can make audiences feel like they’re part of the story. Storytelling is a powerful way to deliver a memorable message, one that can be easily repeated and passed along. For these reasons, we knew that personal stories of and by mounted warfare soldiers would be an enormously compelling hook that connects all audiences to the museum’s vision. As a branding strategy, it allows us to frame the vision as one big universal story told in many different voices, all of which will live under one roof at the new museum. The museum experience will invite civilian visitors to feel part of the story—part of something bigger than themselves.

With the branding strategy in place, the AMS project team turned its focus to the creation of a signature, Telly Award-winning two-minute video that engages audiences in the grand vision for the museum. The video is a mini-story that brings the vision to life. It includes carefully chosen archival stills, dramatic visual effects, evocative sound design, high-impact text graphics, and a soul-stirring narration by veteran Hollywood actor D.B. Sweeney, all of which help viewers connect to mounted warfare soldiers on a personal level. (See this video at the top of the page.)

The signature video (at the very top of this page) is the key outreach tool that is helping the NMWF unveil its vision and win support for the museum. But it doesn’t end there for AMS Pictures. We continue to collaborate with the foundation on the creation of other outreach strategies and products that reinforce brand identity and attract interest in the new museum, even among international audiences. When the NMWF leadership team traveled to South Korea to seek the support of leading business executives and public officials, AMS created a special video and brochure–both in Korean–that celebrate soldiers’ stories from the Korean War era and the longstanding friendship and shared values that bond our two nations (see the video “Moment of Truth” directly above and its companion brochure below).