Creating a Healthier Community with NutriGram

Junk  food. Lack of exercise. Poor eating choices. Many factors contribute to the epidemic of childhood obesity that threatens the lives and futures of our children–and the future of our nation. We know that a healthy lifestyle requires healthy eating in addition to physical activity. But empowering and motivating children and their families to build healthy eating habits can be a daunting task. That’s why The Cooper Institute and the Texas Department of Agriculture have teamed up to present NutriGram, a web-based program that measures students’ knowledge about nutrition and makes learning about healthy eating fun.

NutriGram begins with an online quiz that assesses students’ knowledge, behaviors and attitudes about healthy eating. Once a student has completed the quiz, the student can participate in a blend of student-focused activities anchored by a 3D nutrition education exploration game, The Quest for Lava Mountain. The NutriGram website also targets parents with information such as recipes and snack suggestions to encourage healthy eating for the whole family.

The NutriGram assessment provides teachers data that helps them target nutrition education directly to their students’ level of knowledge. It also provides school administrators and policy makers the data they need to make informed decisions about nutrition education and student health. Over time, NutriGram will measure the efficacy of nutrition education in creating permanent shifts toward healthy eating behaviors—one of the best weapons in the fight against childhood obesity.

To help promote this program to educators and other website visitors, The Cooper Institute and the TDA turned to AMS Pictures to create a video that showcases the NutriGram program from an educator’s perspective. Featuring insightful comments from thought leaders in health and education coupled with inspiring classroom and activity-based footage with a light sprinkling of graphics, the video makes a compelling case for adopting this free pilot program in Texas elementary schools. The video informs viewers about the NutriGram program and its value in shaping nutrition curriculum and practices, educates them on the power of student-centered learning, and motivates them to advocate for nutrition education in the fight against childhood obesity. The AMS Pictures Public Interest team is proud to be part of the team working to make Texas a healthier and more productive state.

For more information on Nutrigram and what does for students and educators click here.