Office of the Attorney General

Money Crunch

Just the words “debt education” are enough to induce a glazed, empty stare from most college freshmen. So, when the State of Texas Office of the Attorney General asked AMS to create a financial literacy video to teach incoming college students about responsible use of credit cards, AMS had to find a fun and dynamic way to bring this important topic to life. Spoofing on Jim Cramer’s “Mad Money,” AMS created the Telly-Award-winning “Money Crunch.” A vibrant set, an energetic host, and wacky props imparted five Money Crunch Tips on the nuts-and-bolts of credit card terms and fees, the difference between “good” and “bad” credit, and how bad credit can wreak havoc on life after college. The OAG was thrilled with the outcome, and the results have been outstanding. Currently, internal buzz is high and in anticipation of next year’s roll-out, a number of out-of-state colleges and universities are asking to use it in their programs. Undoubtedly, many parents will breathe a sigh of relief at this successful attempt to safeguard America’s college students from the temptations of easy credit.