2011 Event Marketing Video

How would you communicate the excitement, depth and impact of the nation’s most innovative new education conference? That’s the question Ron Reed, executive director of SXSWedu, asked the AMS Pictures Public Interest team in the afterglow of the conference’s impressive debut, March 8-11, 2011. Ron needed an iconic marketing video announcing the 2012 conference to run on the SXSWedu website. He wanted a video that captures people’s imagination, builds excitement and interest in the event, and reflects the South by Southwest brand. Oh, and it’d be really great if we can we tell the story in 60 seconds.

Since AMS Pictures not only participated in the inaugural conference, but also was one of its sponsors, Ron didn’t have to tell us about the hundreds of educators, business leaders and policy makers who were all abuzz about the groundbreaking event in 2011 or the high expectations for 2012. Our goal for the video was to not only announce the dates and conference theme, “Innovations in Learning,” but also showcase the wide range of topics that will be covered. Most importantly, we wanted to give viewers a taste of the SXSWedu experience. The video, which is now running on the SXSWedu website, met all of Ron’s needs. And we were happy to hear that the SXSWedu team was very pleased with the end product. In the interest of full disclosure, we confess to missing the mark on just one thing—running time. Though it exceeds the target length, Ron let us get away with it because the it feels like a 60-second video….or less. You be the judge.