Texas Department of Agriculture

GO TEXAN Campaign

AMS Pictures is proud of its Texas roots, so naturally we consider it a privilege to partner with the Texas Department of Agriculture to promote GO TEXAN, the ultimate Texas brand.

What is GO TEXAN? In a nutshell, it’s an innovative “Buy Local” program that promotes a wide variety of Texas-grown and Texas-made products throughout the Lone Star State, as well as nationally and internationally. In our role as a creative media partner for TDA, AMS Pictures has created iconic television and radio spots that build awareness of the GO TEXAN brand and increase consumer demand for not only locally grown foods, but also a vast array of Texas-made products, including leather goods, clothing, jewelry, artwork, home furnishings, baked goods, wines, salsas, herbs, spices and flowers.

TDA looked to AMS to create a signature television spot that not only showcases the cornucopia of GO TEXAN products that are readily available, but also tells an engaging story of the many ways the products touch people’s lives. The TV spot is a fun-to-watch, beautifully art-directed, stop-motion tale of a young couple’s life together beginning with the moment they meet at a farmer’s market. Throughout their years together, GO TEXAN products are an important part of their life. The fast-paced mini-story is cut to a cheerful music track that captures the joy of the couple’s relationship. The companion radio spot is a series of voicemail messages from a husband as he hunts for misplaced GO TEXAN products. AMS Pictures produced English and Spanish versions of the flagship TV and radio spots.

For AMS Pictures, partnering with TDA on GO TEXAN projects is an honor and a delight. All of us at AMS are proud Texans and we always welcome the opportunity to tell the world about the Texas way of life.