Texas Workforce Commission

Texas Workforce Commission

Far too many American students conclude early in their education that Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) courses are either too boring or too difficult, and that’s too bad. If things don’t change, this generation of students will be ill-prepared to compete for the best-paying, high-demand jobs in a fiercely competitive global economy. That’s why the Texas Workforce Commission launched a student outreach program called “Brain Power” and selected AMS Pictures to create a series of videos to attract young people to STEM coursework. Ultimately, the goal of the videos—and the entire “Brain Power” initiative—is to help students see STEM careers as exciting, cool, accessible and truly rewarding.

For many years AMS Pictures Public Interest has partnered with the Texas Education Agency to develop strategies and outreach tools for programs such as GEAR UP, Own Your Own Future, POWER ON TEXAS and the Texas High School Project, all of which involve STEM education. Our depth of experience with STEM programs gave us a wellspring of knowledge and insights that helped us develop an on-target creative strategy for the “Brain Power” videos.

The primary TWC vehicle for directly reaching, informing and motivating targeted students (ages 14-21) is a specially designed, youth-friendly “Brain Power” website. The website highlights a wide range of STEM careers and the academic requirements that are needed to compete for jobs in fields such as biotechnology, life sciences, aerospace,  defense, energy, information and computer technologies.  The TWC “Brain Power” team asked AMS Pictures to create an overall branding video for the website, and three sub-page videos that help students understand STEM career paths, degree options, and financial aid opportunities.

A mash-up of live action, comic-book style animation and digital effects, the “Brain Power” branding video establishes the style, look and feel of all the videos, which is reflected throughout the entire website. It instantly captures the attention of tech-savvy kids and delivers a powerful motivational message that encourages them to “Elevate Your Inner Genius” by focusing on STEM courses. The branding video and each of the three sub-page videos feature young people who are leading exciting lives and enjoying fulfilling STEM careers. All the videos combine a fast-paced, fun-to-watch, informative visual style along with highly engaging personal storytelling.