The Texas Capitol: Building for the Ages

The Texas Capitol as it’s never been seen before.

The AMS Public Interest team was honored to work in close collaboration with the State Preservation Board to create an entertaining and educational video that tells a timeless story of the most important building in Texas, the State Capitol. The 13-minute video takes viewers, including young school children, on a historical journey that celebrates one of the world’s most majestic public buildings and the values it represents.

The Capitol itself is the storyteller and its story is told with insight and passion, revealing the hopes and dreams of the people who imagined and built the magnificent statehouse as an enduring symbol of the state’s commitment to future generations. The story of this fascinating period of Texas history includes stunning cinematography that showcases beautiful views of the building’s interior and exterior.  Elegant fluid camera movements capture unexpected, rarely seen perspectives and draw special attention to important details through close-ups. Cameras mounted on drones take viewers through the hallways, galleries, offices and rotunda, even to the tip-top of the Capitol where the Goddess of Liberty stands.

This video is an excellent example of creative storytelling that brings history to life and gives the legendary building a personality and point of view. The storytelling enriches the viewing experience and sheds new light on the Capitol as a gift from the past and monument to the future. If you would like to watch the video in its entirety, please click here.